Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Coolest Fashion Jewelry Ever! Inspired by Miley Cyrus

Famous. Bold. Daring. Stylish. These are just 4 words to describe the newly engaged former Disney star. Pretty far from her squeaky clean image back in the days, Miley Cyrus has definitely stirred herself from the young, Disney star she used to portray. Whether her controversy came from weird poses in pictures, questionable activities, “WTF is she wearing” moments and who she’s kissing at the moment, she is definitely one who just cannot shy away from getting attention to herself.

While she may have a few negative issues, she is definitely one with a bold, daring and stylish fashion sense. And it may be one of the reasons why she’s still famous at all. Besides her adorable, daring fashion style recently, she also sports some of the best fashion jewelry among young Hollywood stars of today.

Layered Necklaces

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Engaged

Remember what we said about getting the attention of everyone around her? Well, she definitely has the talent for it. This is what layered necklaces are for – getting attention. While she also has the talent of putting together a stylish outfit just enough to top it off with a layered necklace, you also have to admit she does it well enough to catch just the right attention from the fashion police. And you really can’t blame her for sporting those layered necklaces. They really are an incredible set of accessories for her outfit.
Cocktail Rings

cubic zirconia rings

Just like every other girl in the world, rings kind of matter – even if they are not meant to mean anything as important as an engagement ring. When it comes to fashion, however, it’s important that you wear only the accessories that will emphasize or highlight the outfit you wear, even if it only takes up a portion of your finger.

This is why cocktail rings matter a lot. Cocktail rings are not as big or expensive as Miley Cyrus’ engagement may have been, but this special ring definitely looks like it cost her a few hundred bucks. Of course. We don’t expect anything less from this former Disney star. With tiny crystals surrounding the set of nature stones, she is definitely bound to attract a lot of attention.
celebrity fashion

Multiple Bangles

Just like her bundle of layered necklaces, Miley Cyrus also has a penchant for wearing multiple bangles or bracelets. Did you know that wearing multiple bangles has a few rules to ensure that it will look well? The colors shouldn't clash with each other. And they shouldn’t over-shine the outfit you’re wearing. Former Disney queen and fiancĂ© of The Hunger Games Liam Hemsworth seems to have this trick mastered. In fact, she really knows how to put together her bracelets whenever she goes out into the red carpet. Check out this set of bracelets that she wore with her blue, shiny dress. Hot or not? We vote hot. Because despite the fact that she wears several colors in her set of bracelets, her dress still manages to complete her look. Her accessories are just there to make it look even more stylish.


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