Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jewelry Designer Creates Nail Polish Worth at $250,000

Nowadays, it’s not just jewelry on shining, elegant jewelry display that will cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, with the many luxurious things of today, you’ll be surprised to know how much more creative businessmen and women can be.

And now, even nail polish will cost you an arm! Talk about luxury, right? While most people think that diamonds can only exist in engagement rings and very expensive jewelry, they are wrong. After the steak knives embedded with diamonds, lots of publicity is being spent on the nail polish, decorated with special diamonds that make it worth the price of a small property.

azature nail polish

Yes! Redefining the meaning of luxury, Azature releases its new nail polish adorned with diamonds to allow your nails to shine just as brightly as your diamond engagement ring. Interesting, right? Who doesn't want to see their nails shining with diamonds? Imagine wearing it with your perfect diamond engagement ring too! I’m sure it’ll be a perfect shining moment.

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

This luxurious nail polish includes 267 carats of black diamonds, making it worth of its title as today’s most expensive nail polish in the world. Shockingly, even if the nail polish is really expensive and luxurious, Azature has already had at least 25 inquiries from people who want to purchase it.


For those of you who have no idea what black diamond is, it is actually the ultimate fine jewel, with a combination of mystery, sophistication and beauty. This is why black diamond was the main piece of jewel Azature thought to showcase on nails. Azature have designs worn by celebrities like Megan Fox, like Tyler and Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Osbourne

Of course, a cheaper version has already been made as well, to provide people with the opportunity to experience “black diamonds” at less than $250,000. Fred Segal will be selling the Black Diamond Babes version for only $25. According to the brand, at least 576 people have already been wait-listed for the product. Black diamonds on my nails? I think this would definitely be fashionable for elegant parties.


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