Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cool Celebrations: How to Turn Your Thanksgiving Dinner into a Fabulous Fashion Theme Party

Celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving in style by hosting a fashion themed dinner. Get your wedge boots ready to walk talk and proud this coming holiday as you show your love and appreciation to the people who matter most in your life.

Cool Celebrations: How to Turn Your Thanksgiving Dinner into a Fabulous Fashion Theme Party

Today, I’m sharing with you tons of practical tips for a fabulous Thanksgiving. Read up on the useful tips below.

Choosing the Theme

Having a fashioned themed party can be exciting. But unlike going for a luau or a movie theme, fashion parties need you to be a little more specific which makes it even more fun. There are tons of sub-themes that you can choose from.

Two of the commonly used chic party themes are awards night and the fashion week. Both events are filled with glamour and they can surely lend this glitz to your Thanksgiving dinner. You could also go for unconventional ones like a Lady Gaga theme where guests can take a walk on the fashion wild side with their chunky wedge boots.

Keep in mind that when selecting a fashion theme, your top consideration should be your guests. It is best to take note of the age of the attendees so you can throw the party that everyone enjoyed.

Party Basics

This includes the event details and the invitations you’d be sending to spread the word out. To get the feel of a true fashion event, it is best that you reflect common practices in the industry. Awards night and fashion week after-parties always take place at night which makes them a perfect theme for your Thanksgiving dinner. Follow through with other practices like sending sleek VIP invitations to your guests. This would allow them to get a feel of your theme that would surely get them all excited.

Food and drinks

Give your guest the A-list treatment by getting their stomach’s fill in a sumptuous multi-course dinner. Serving a 5-course meal is easier than it seems. Just make sure to have an appetizer, salad, soup, main course and dessert ready at the dinner table to start the feast.

When serving an elaborate meal, remember that being creative pays off. There are tons of ways for you to get fresh ingredients, good tasting wine and turkey at more reasonable price. Using coupons and is a great way to save a couple of bucks. Don’t forget to hunt for deals way before the Thanksgiving time rolls in to make sure that you get ingredients in stock. Don’t forget to wear a pair of trusty boots when moving around to shop.

Another way to spend wisely on food during the holiday season is to have your guest bring in some of the food items especially if this is an intimate occasion between family and friends. Sharing the responsibility can surely lighten up your load.

Fun activities

Like what I said earlier, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to have a memorable fashion-themed Thanksgiving dinner. Instantly bring in the paparazzi to your party by assigning one of your guests as the official photographer and dress the part. Having him or her roam around the room and signal people to take their posses can surely create a celebrity feel.

You can also incorporate fashion show at the beginning of the party just to liven up the atmosphere. Towards the end, have an award giving ceremony to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive.

Are you celebrating your Thanksgiving in style? Let me know how you've been preparing to throw your Hollywood style party. Leave me a comment below or a link to your pictures of the fashion themed party. I’d love to know all about them so keep ‘em coming!

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Hey!! Lovely post. Thanks for sharing these ideas to turn thanksgiving into fashion show party. I would love to have this theme thanksgiving party at one of NYC venues and will implement your ideas for arranging my party.

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