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10 Characteristics of Real Diamond Jewelry

Have you decided to get your own piece of diamond jewelry? Got a little tired of your usual Cubic Zirconia fashion jewelry that you decided to buy your own sparkling piece of jewelry?

diamond ring
But before you enjoy your diamonds, make sure that you have a real one at hand. It can be pretty hard to tell a real diamond from a fake one. Even if you've got an untrained eye, here are some ways you can tell if you have a real diamond.

Everything You Need to Know About Diamonds

1. Hard – diamonds are the hardest metals on earth. If your piece breaks at the slight drop on cement, then you’re definitely harboring a fake one. Hopefully you didn't pay too much for it, otherwise, finding out that you have a fake one can be totally devastating.

2. Different colors – the rarest diamonds are colored pink, yellow or blue. If the jeweler says that your piece is rare but not in those colors, you might want to ask for their explanation.

3. It can scratch anything – since diamonds are the hardest metals on earth, this also means that it can scratch just about anything. Test it on a piece of glass, if it makes a scratch and does not break, then you might just have a real piece at hand.

4. Does not have clear perception – if you have a real diamond, then there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to see through it. Fake diamonds are made out of glass so if you put the diamond over a printed piece of paper, you can see the letters clearly. On the other hand, a real diamond will break off any reflection from the prints.

5. Shades of gray – a real diamond can only portray reflections with gray shades. But if you’re holding a fake diamond, the reflections that come off it will be colorful.

6. Cleared fog – try breathing on your diamond. If you end up seeing the fog on your diamond, then it’s probably fake. A real diamond would've dispersed the fog even before you turned to look at it.

7. Reflection of light – a real diamond can reflect light no matter which side you test the light on. If one of the sides of your diamonds seems to deflect any shine, then you probably have a fake diamond.

8. Cannot be heated – a real diamond disperses heat as quickly as it does to fog. Try heating up your diamond for about 30 seconds. If the diamond remains hot, then it’s fake. A real diamond will not heat up nor will you feel it hot.

9. Scratches – although it’s pretty rare to find a perfect diamond, a real one would not have as many scratches inside as it does for fake diamonds. Real diamonds cannot be easily scratches so it’s rare that you find a diamond with too many scratches or scuffles.

10. Joints – when you do your tests, make sure that you test all sides. Sometimes, sellers connect real diamonds to fake diamonds at the bottom. To find out, throw your diamond in a glass of water. If it floats, then your diamond is either fake or it has been connected to a fake diamond. So, do you have the real deal? Or did you just get scammed out of your jewelry?

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The characteristics of a diamond are defined by the four C's of diamond, they are as follows.

1. Colour

The colour of most diamonds have a yellowish tint and the colourless one's are extremely rare and expensive.

2. Clarity

It is mostly determined by the inclusions which are found inside the diamond also known as flaws.

3. Cut

A poorly cut diamond won't sparkle as it should, hence an ideal cut is crucial to enhance the clarity of the diamond.

4. Carat.

The quality of a diamond is as important as the cut, it increases its weight and value.
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