Friday, November 9, 2012

Blue Moon

Did you get to catch the blue moon last August 31st? A blue moon only happens when a second full moon occurs in the same month. Many say that it’s pretty rare occurrence. I’m just so happy to get my ankle boots on just in time to rush out and view its magnificence.

blue moon

For August of this year, the first full moon occurred on August 1st. A Harvard University astronomer named Avi Loeb said that the moon is by far more important to lovers, literature and folklore than science itself.

For the mean time, here are 5 of the things you should wear for your Blue Moon date a couple of years from now:

1. Comfortable outfit

Thinking of wearing that tight body-hugging dress for your first date? Or are you going for that sky high stiletto just so you can show of your elongated legs? Though this ensemble may look flattering to you – does it feel that way? If not, skip it.

Chances are you’d be too concerned with pulling your dress here in there just because you've become too conscious of how you look. Also, high heels are fine – just make sure that you’re comfortable wearing them for long hours. You might also like to skip the stiletto if it’ll make you taller than your date. That’s so not an ego booster.

To get the perfect mix of style and comfort, go for ballet flats or boots. Always remember that the key to looking great in any outfit is being comfortable. When you have nothing else to worry about your outfit, you can certainly focus on making your date fall for you.

2. Light make-up

Natural looks work best for dates especially when you’re just getting to know each other. Wear make-up sparingly to avoid having to do touch-ups every now and then that may ruin the momentum of your date. If possible, only use make-up to play up your assets or to slightly cover up your problem areas.

3. Loads of Confidence

This is definitely a little something that money can’t buy. Though confidence may be at varying levels for everyone, make sure to bring yours especially on dates.

Dressing up comfortable and knowing that you look good can actually boost your confidence. If you’re still unsure of the date, just remember that you’re as worthy and interesting like everybody else. Hold your head up high and let that golden ball sunshine radiate from within you.

4. A Beautiful Smile

I really like the quotation by Gabriel Garcia Marquez which goes this way “Never stop smiling, not even when you are sad, because you never know who might fall in love with your smile.” Isn't sweet? I know it is. A smile is certainly one of the best accessories any girl can wear all the time – and it doesn't cost a dime. Flash your smile any moment you can. Though you know who might fall for you on that date, do it anyway to seal the deal. Also, don’t forget to let that smile show especially if your date gives you a ton of reason to do so.

5. Yourself

Many girls forget about this due to extreme excitement and anticipation. I say keep calm and carry on. Dates are not the time to role play. I’m pretty sure you would want that guy to fall for who you really are. So just relax, smile and enjoy the company of your date. Don’t worry if you’re clumsy or you think you’re weird – if he’s really attracted to you, he’ll find it cute.

blue moon

I must say it’s a pretty romantic thing to see such a rare beauty with the one you love. If you didn’t get to see it this time, the Blue Moon is said to come around on July 2015. You surely have enough time to find that special someone to share this moment with.


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