Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Wear Your Wedge Boots in Different Looks

Flip your style in a matter of minutes. Developing style principles that are entirely your own may take years or even decades. Getting it right and being comfortable with it is still out of the story.

wedge boots

If that’s the case, you might ask: how can I be stylish all the time? Well, it’s simple. Wear a stylish piece and pair it up with different tops and bottoms to explore different vibes. To

Here’s what you’ll get when you wear your trendy wedge boots with…

Shorts. If you’re vertically challenged, this is the easiest way to give your legs an extra mile. Donning a bottom the rests about an inch or two below your bun creates an illusion of having that extra length. Also, instead of cutting the perceived line that you’ve created the added inches provided by your wedge boots enhances the line by adding height. Wearing this style combo can help your legs look longer and leaner in every way.

ankle boots
Leggings or skinnies worn with an oversize shirt. This look is perfect for chilly fall and pre-winter days. Aside from being a really comfortable outfit for many Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, this laid-back look can easily bring out the girl next door in you. Add up a scarf, a blazer or a jacket to bring this look up a notch. If you prefer accessories over additional pieces of clothing, pile on a couple of bracelets or wear a statement necklace to make this look more fashion forward.

Dresses. It took me a while before joining the fans of this outfit combo. I used to look at boots in a conservative way like they should just be worn with pants like an equestrienne. Well, it’s 2012! Style conventions are changing and they are becoming more and more edgy by the day. Pairing a dress with wedge boots is perfect a perfect spring or summer outfit. Put on some tights and throw on a cardigan to get that cute school girl look at fall.

office casual
Short or mini skirt. Here is another unexpected match. Though it appears to be an unlikely pair, I think that is what exactly makes it appealing to many style stars that walk this fashionable planet. Make sure though to get the right length and cut that will help show off your legs.



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