Thursday, November 15, 2012

Celebrity Inspired Holiday Fashion

No matter what occasion it may be, I’m sure you’ll still find many reasons to go after a celebrity’s stylish look. After all, they are the trendsetter’s of our generations. Now while Labor Day can be pretty depressing signaling the official end of summer, it doesn't mean that everyone will stop feeling the summer heat. So, in light of this special occasion, let’s see what celebrities don on this special day. Are they wearing white? Maybe some patriotic fashion jewelry? Check out and see if these stars look hot or not after Labor Day.

Heidi Klum – Formal

Heidi Klum

So technically, the tradition is to wear white after Labor Day. But I’m guessing there are some who break this rule from time to time. Now if you’re one of the unfortunate to have work on the last day of summer (can you spell bummer?), this is a good outfit to wear. Wear a white, fun jumpsuit with a very classy cleavage and a chic coat to cover up and confirm your formal wear. Spice up your outfit with a pair of blazing red high heels and you’re ready to go. I do think that Heidi could’ve used some hoop earrings or maybe a necklace. Without accessories, her catchy red shoes overshadowed her coat and plunging neckline.

Taylor Swift - Casual
Taylor Swift

Everyone’s favorite country singer went out last year wearing this blue sundress on Labor Day. A little too 4th of July? Of course not! Even if 4th of July is definitely a day for patriotism, it doesn’t mean that Labor Day doesn’t deserve the same treatment. In fact, this dress is perfect for the end of summer – catching up to the last rays of the season, enjoying a little sunlight. Fun and girly – two words which pretty much explains Taylor Swift’s whole wardrobe. Not that we’re complaining. She does have pretty classy sense of style. Especially now that she’s dating someone from a very important family in the US (ehem, Conor Kennedy).

Kristen Stewart – Summer Casual

Kristen Stewart

Okay. So, there’s a lot of things wrong in what’s she’s wearing here. But when she wore this, let’s just say she probably didn't have a stylist yet. I included this in my list because it’s a pretty good combination of laid back and summer style. Her white midriff shirt is very summer-y, although I do recommend a good (possibly black colored) necklace to accessorize her plain top. Her bracelet is also definitely pretty and elegant. Her pants are laid back and her shoes are pretty much as summer-y as a pair of shoes can get. But really? Her best fashion accessory in this picture – she’s actually smiling!

Rihanna – Summer


Nothing like a sexy, white swimsuit to finish off your summer, right? That’s right, Rihanna! You go, girl! Our favorite pop singer looks happy in this sexy, white swimsuit. Her chains? Excellent addition to her swimwear. Her earrings? Great addition. If there’s someone who knows how to end a season, it’s definitely one of our best party gals.


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