Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guide to Choosing Necklaces for Different Outfits

Going on a hunt to buy different types of necklaces? Ready to make your debut with a new outfit? There’s definitely no better way to finish your look than with the right accessories. In order to avoid stepping out with the right outfit and the mismatched jewelry, here are some pointers to help you put together the perfect outfit.

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Beaded Necklaces

The thing with beaded necklaces is that they are quite noticeable whenever you wear them. Because of the beads, you can easily create a design just by wearing this accessory over a plain outfit. The best time to wear beaded necklaces is if you want to spice up a plain shirt or blouse. Wear a beaded necklace over a white round neck. No matter how simple your round neck looks, a beaded necklace will always succeed in making it look elegantly fashionable. On the other hand, if you’re more into the boho-chic look, you can always choose to downplay your outfit. Wear a simple tank top with a long, flowing skirt. Finish off the outfit with a necklace with smaller beads. This way, your necklace only emphasizes your boho-look, but it won’t outshine your whole outfit.

Pearl Necklaces

Necklaces made out of pearls are pretty precious to wear to any casual event. Instead, use this elegant fashion jewelry for formal events. If you’re wearing a low-cut dress, accentuate with a pearl necklace. Just make sure that your dress doesn’t have any detailed designs on the chest area so that it doesn’t fight for attention with your pearls. The reason your pearls are there is to add detail and elegancy to your formal outfit. White pearl necklaces are best worn with dark colored dresses or outfits.

Long Chains

Now onto the more casual side of wearing necklaces. Once upon a time, men were the only ones who wore necklaces with long chains and extravagant pendants. Today, even women take interest in those kinds of necklaces, especially when they’re attempting to downplay their casual outfit. Long chains with big pendants are best worn when you’re wearing your best jeans. Whether it may be pants, jean shorts or even jump shorts, long chains are your best bet at accessorizing the outfit. Keep your top simple, though, nothing too fancy or you’ll beat the purpose of wearing long chains.

If you’re open to wearing see-through blouses, these are also perfect to match with jean shorts and a long chained necklace. Be careful on the chains you buy, however. You don’t want them staining your best white blouse.
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Silver necklaces Long chains give an outfit a rather casual, casual look. But if you’re aiming to sophisticate your casual look, then silver necklaces will definitely work. Unlike long chains that will reach up to your stomach, depending on its maximum length, traditional silver necklaces are meant to lie just above your chest, enough to make a perfect V-neck look sophisticated and chic, even with jean shorts.

Remember though, fashion isn’t about having many stylish accessories. It’s in how you handle your outfit and accessories – no matter how many pieces you’re actually wearing.


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