Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Sam's Fashion

Have you watched the newest blockbuster for this Fall? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on a lot of life lessons that you shouldn’t miss. And if you have, then you’re probably one of those who fell for Emma Watson’s character Sam, the free-spirited girl who was once upon a time at rock bottom of her life. She and her brother Patrick showed Charlie the tunnel, thus giving him a chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Great movie? Possibly the best for this year. Fashion? Let’s see Sam’s best looks in the movie.

Emma Watson Sam Perks Wall flower

Sam wears a jersey jacket with a checkered top inside. But it’s not her actual clothes that make her outfit – it’s how preppy and student-y she looks. Her black headband is appropriate for her outfit and the dangling star earrings were enough to make Emma Watson’s usual elegant look appear casual and high school-ish.

Sam Fashion

Obviously, Sam’s style is very different from Emma Watson herself. If Emma is more sophisticated and elegant, Sam is carefree, a little preppy and hip at most times. At the dance, Sam opts for a preppy look wearing a long-sleeved, off shoulder black dress over black stockings. She highlights her dark outfit with a simple, gold fashion jewelry on her neck. Pretty classy, yet preppy for Sam. Her hair is also held back, allowing her off-shoulder dress to showcase her slim shoulders.

emma watson

This is probably Sam’s best look in the whole movie. Wearing a maroon tube dress and a short-sleeved overcoat, Sam was probably the apple of everyone’s eye (Charlie’s anyway) during this scene. As she stood up at the back of the truck to await the light at the end of the tunnel, Sam looked at Charlie and they both shared a moment. Was it the moment? Or how gorgeous Sam looked in her simple dress and necklace?

The Perks in Being a Wallflower Fashion

At a party, Sam wears this very hip dress, paired with her signature simple necklace. Her hair is pulled back and the red color of her dress fits perfect with her fair skin. She finishes her look with skin toned, Mary Jane high heels. Although Sam looks beautiful in this simple outfit, this is definitely a far cry from Emma Watson’s style. At least she didn’t have blind-cut hair style like Mary Elizabeth, right?

Sexy Emma Watson

Preppy and hip, right? Still a pretty fashionable outfit, Sam channels a bit of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf in this scene. She dons a round neck knitted, sleeveless top, tucked into a preppy checkered red skirt over black stockings. Sam accessorizes her outfit with a black bangle over her right arm. This is one of Sam’s best looks in the movie. Despite the fact that she was obviously not wearing support under her top, Emma Watson was able to pull off the fashionable, preppy almost-college look pretty well.

Gone are the days when Emma Watson was just the girl in Harry Potter. With her acting capabilities, she was able to pull herself away from her Hermoine Granger image.

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