Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yes, No! Celebrities in Purple Fashion

Purple is a pretty funky color to wear. Unfortunately, because the fun color is not easy to partner and match with the usual outfits, not everyone can wear it on an ordinary day. Even celebrities, who have all the money in the world, still make some awful red carpet mistakes with their purple fashion jewelry and outrageous matching outfits. On the other hand, there are also other celebrities who make it easy to wear purple.

To get ideas on how to wear purple the right way, here are a few inspirations from celebrities and why they worked or didn't work.

Victoria Beckam in purple

What works: There’s never really been a time when Victoria Beckham wore something that didn't look good. And despite the fact that she’s changed styles so much in the past few years, we still cannot dismiss this purple and silver outfit she wore a few years back. Compared to her style today, this is definitely a downgrade. However, the outfit still made her look chic, with only one purple Swarovski ring and a matching purple handbag. The heavy cleavage may be a little too much. Despite that, the former Spice Girl still rocked the look. Cheap? Never. It just made Victoria Beckham look many years younger than she truly is.
purple coat

What doesn't work: Well, where should we begin? Maybe it’s the fact that her dark red lipstick really doesn't match the purple dress. Maybe it’s because her dark coat doesn't do anything for her dark, purple dress. Or the fact that her neck is just brimming with accessories. Really, you should never overwhelm your neck with too many accessories. The dress already had sheer detailing around the neck and because she decided to wear two more necklaces, it only made her look dowdy and overcrowded. The same goes for her earrings. Because she had too many accessories on her neck, the earrings aren't even noticeable anymore. One word for this outfit? Crowded.
Natalie Portman

What works: Just like Mrs. Beckham, there’s never really a time when Natalie Portman looked bad. In fact, she just keeps on looking better and better every day. In this outfit where she wore a glorious purple gown with an appropriate cleavage, Portman was simply stunning. Not only that, she accentuated her outfit with a matching purple fringe earring set that highlighted her upper body even more. Because she chose to keep it simple in a long dress and a side-swept hairstyle with minimum fashion jewelry, Portman ended up looking classy and sophisticated.

What doesn't work: Despite the fact that Fergie definitely looks beautiful in this picture, it seemed as if the light purple color of her dress just wasn't complimenting the shades of her skin. When you choose the dress to wear to an event, you also have to consider the specific shade of your dress, otherwise, you end up looking a little too tan. Do be careful in choosing a dress to display your cleavage though, you wouldn't want people to think that your dress is too tight.


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