Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Outfit

Who says you have to spend more just to get hitched? In fact, you can easily make every expense go away just by getting married in the nearby church – no attendees, no frills, just you and your loved one. Married, but not broke. But of course, why create a memorable day when no one else will actually remember it?

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Outfit

Weddings are important. But this doesn't mean that you have to spend all of your savings on it. Just because your wedding dress or bridal jewelry sets isn't branded doesn't mean that it’s not beautiful. You can still look your best on your special day on a limited budget. Here’s a few tips on achieving a budget, but beautiful outfit.

1. Buy your wedding dress early. Did you know that there’s a wedding season? Yes, in fact there are months when there are more weddings and brides to dress. You might want to avoid these months because you’ll end up paying twice for your dress. June is a pretty popular month to get married on so if you’re looking for a dress on those months, you will end up overspending. Get your dress a few months before. This will help you avoid all the rush and keep you under budget.

2. Have your dress tailored. If you cannot afford expensive designers, have someone tailor your dress especially for you. Several small-time tailors can actually design and create beautiful dresses as well. Don’t be too overwhelmed with expensive designers who are known everywhere for their beautiful dresses. Small-time tailors can make dresses without the hefty price tag. Besides, if you buy branded wedding dresses, you’ll end up wearing the brand, more than the dress.

3. Get inspirations from old styles. Old styles are less complicated. They are simple, but traditional so you can pick from them if you want a cheaper rate. Don’t worry, you won’t be too out of style. Some of the classic dress designs are starting to come back again. Mix classic styles into modern wedding dresses. You’ll end up with a beautiful dress, minus the expensive price tag.

4. Buy jewelry online. Saving money on dresses can be a little hard. But when it comes to bridal jewelry, you have the option to save a lot of money. Jewelry can be bought nearly anywhere nowadays. Go online and check out various jewelry shops. You’ll find that the prices online are much cheaper. While you can’t see the jewelry for yourself, you’ll enjoy looking at them through pictures. The best thing about buying online? There are literally hundreds of different jewelry stores. Not only will you get inspiration for your accessories, you can also buy cheaper jewelry at the same time.

5. Wait for sales. If you’re in a rush to get married, you might not be able to use this tip. But if your wedding is still in a few months, you can always wait for a grand sale to happen before you make your move. Sales can give you huge discounts so you’ll be able to save a lot of money.


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