Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 Spring Fashion Week Rally

On the recently concluded Spring Fashion Week Rally, top names in the fashion industry released their Spring Collection and boy what a storm or great clothes, fashion jewelry, shoes and bags.

Here are some of my favorite designers and their entry on the fashion week.

First is Ralph Lauren. I so love his collection. Soft, elegant cuts in silk fabrics, flowing and very feminine. And the colors are just so spring time and girlish,  pantone shades, white, skin tone, pink and green. Feather scarfs, intricately sewn bead designs, and elegant fashion jewelry what more can a girl ask for.

Then there is this classic, retro, silhouette like dresses by Calvin Klein. I am so proud to be a girl just by looking at his designs. He opted for the classic skin tone and black then exhibit it in lace and uses soft fabrics that almost hugs who ever wears them, showing the perfect contour of a lady. And the shoes are to die for.

And if Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren showcased a very feminine designs, Marc Jacobs opted to add some spice to his also feminine but in a more spiky, outgoing way. Not to mention setting a new trend of wearing socks under a pointed toe sky high heels.

Marc Jacobs added some shine, fuzz and sheer with his metallic green and plastic like fabrics. A sheer, fray, lacquered skirts and sporty bags.

Now tell me, isn't being a girl a really lovely feeling :D


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angelwynx said...

I am a fan of Marc Jacobs but since the time I found my favorite cheap clothing store, I never return buying those expensive stuff.

Teresa Conrad said...

To be fashionable it is not a requirement to buy expensive clothing. Fashion trends is just a cycle wherein those clothes that are used to be dump for years will soon return and becomes the new trend. This is applicable to all including men clothing which continue to evolve in a more funky casual fashion sense.

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