Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celebrities With Their Own Jewelry Line

Just because a celebrity is a celebrity now doesn’t mean they will be making millions of dollars every year from then on. In fact, every celebrity has their own “expiry date” or at least the day when producers won’t be asking them to make movies anymore. So instead of relying on savings, several celebrities decide to use their fame to release their own business – or most commonly, their own jewelry line. Several of today’s most famous, talented actresses have their own jewelry lines and stores to ensure that even after many years, they’d still be making money. Here are some of the smartest, talented women of today’s Hollywood:

angelina jolie jewelry

Angelina Jolie

Who wouldn’t buy a piece of jewelry designed with the beautiful actress as an inspiration right? Just bearing the name Jolie is like saying the piece of jewelry is worth millions – okay, so it probably is, anyway. After recently releasing her line with designer Robert Procop, surely many people would love to wear one of her pieces. For those who want to sell her items would also have to think of an elegant jewelry display to match the name too.
paris hilton watch

Paris Hilton

Although I’m not sure if we can call her an actress, but this heiress is one smart businesswoman. With a lot of businesses on the side, this pretty lady also has a jewelry line of her own. Ms. Hilton designs a wide variety of jewelry pieces that even includes Swarovski crystals. Even if she doesn’t hold any Grammy awards nor has starred in any internationally claimed movie, there’s no one in high society who would think twice about wearing her pieces.

kate hudson

Kate Hudson

Once upon a time, she was like today’s Kristen Stewart – minus the cheating, of course. But today, Kate Hudson shouldn’t be looked over, especially when it comes to business. Still as gorgeous as before, only with less movie offers unfortunately, Ms. Hudson produces Chrome Hearts (CH+KH), her own jewelry line that focuses mainly on Aquamarine pieces, diamonds and freshwater pearls. Now that sounds like an expensive, but very intriguing line.

nicole richie

Nicole Richie

Not to be outdone by her former frenemy, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie also has something to offer when it comes to jewelry. As the creator of House of Harlow, her jewelry pieces consist mostly of pyramid cocktail rings, stud earrings, pendant necklaces, bangles and much, much more. Unlike her frenemy, Richie hasn’t been in the movie industry as much. Instead, the famous socialite is known mostly for her non-friendship with Paris Hilton, her partying, her smart business ventures and of course, as the daughter of Lionel Richie.

Besides talent, celebrities also have to think of their future. Otherwise, they might just end up on the wrong side of their life – all over again. Oh by the way, you might want to check Vintage Fashion Jewelry.


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