Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Relationship MENual: Avoid being Kristen Stewart

Many were caught off guard when the news about Kristen Stewarts’ infidelity broke in the news - Robert Pattinson was actually one of them.

stewart cheating

Nobody expected the timid (and seemingly emotionless) Stewart to commit such a crime of passion. A Hollywood relationship that’s as open and as public as theirs is not really the best type to catch the gossip wildfire especially with the last installment of their blockbuster movie Breaking Dawn hitting the theaters soon. It makes me (and probably even you) smack anyone who’s responsible for this fiasco with my beloved pair of Bamboo Shoes.

breaking dawn

With this hullabaloo tagging in the couple’s tail, everyone can’t help but wonder how this would affect their million dollar movie and respective careers. Pattinson did get the better part out of this. Fans sympathized with this cool dude and marveled at the mystery of how someone would actually dare cheat on this beautiful (and sparkling) creature.

breaking dawn part II

This set the alarm hauling in the men's community. This incident made them more aware that their girlfriends’ are indeed from Venus. Women do certainly have a different set of behavior and thinks different. Now, men all over the world realized it takes more than good looks and a hefty sum of money to suit the varying appetite of girls when it comes to relationships.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

To further open men’s mind about women, I listed down some tips on how to please (and hopefully keep) your lady:

Never stop her from cheating
Stopping her from doing things that tickle her fantasy can just intensify the curiosity. Instead, create an environment that encourages fidelity. Allow her to freely explore without imposing a feeling of restraint. Pushing her to stop would only bring her further away from you. Let go – this will make her realize why she chooses to stay in the first place.

Never stop being her boyfriend
Make every minute you spend together count. But stop counting the minutes you spend with her – just be there and enjoy the moment. Though time has the power to make the glowing promise of young love fade, you certainly know how to keep your girlfriend’s desire flaming. Use this to your advantage. Remember that to be her last, you must always make her feel that she’s first.

Never stop loving yourself
Men and women are not that all different. That is, both tend to let go of their personal grooming once they’ve entered a relationship – which is so wrong. Continue to make yourself desirable and she’ll want nobody else but you. Adding value to yourself and your looks can challenge her. And ever smart woman loves this. Loving yourself doesn't only enhance your relationship but it also attracts the right kind of people to join your company.

Relationships are rather complicated. One can never accurately tell what his or her partner is thinking. But you can (and should) control yourself. Keep in mind that nobody failed from being true to themselves.


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