Thursday, December 13, 2012

Find The Perfect Drugstore Makeup

Take it from Lady Gaga, we are all born superstars. The only difference is that some of us get paid for it while others have to pull of smart shopping strategies to make that shine through. This Christmas, I’m going to help you with one of the important aspects of bringing out the superstar in you – and that has something to do with putting on makeup. (Well, okay it can be about walking wedge boots as well)

Find The Perfect Drugstore Makeup

I know that natural beauty will always be the best. But for days when you just need a little help with conceal those under eye circles from that light night shindig with your friends, you never have to spend hundreds of dollars for that unless you’re a millionaire.

Here are 3 things that you SHOULD know when buying makeup items from the drugstore.

Try different brands. One great thing about shopping at drugstores is that they offer a wide selection of eye makeup, lipsticks and mascaras to name a few. These retail stores carry a number of affordable brands that offers different types of products that carry their own distinct features.

Finding the perfect makeup for your skin type is like finding the perfect leather boots during the somewhere – it’s difficult and it might seem that you’re going nowhere but your time and effort would surely pay off. As they say in fairy tales, you have to kiss a couple of frogs before you find your prince charming.

If you’re still looking for a brand or a particular product that will treat your skin well, here are 3 simple things that you can do to find the best one for you:
  1. Take a shade of lipstick in two different hues. Always remember that there are tons of variations of a single color. Both of them might seem like the same color but bloody red is different from burgundy. And if you’d like to find the shade that suits you better, get two affordable lipsticks from the drugstore which you can put to the test. 
  2. Bring a good item that you currently. This tip works best if you’re looking for a foundation that would match your skin’s shade and condition. If you already found one that’s working for you but it’s from a high-end brand, you just have to compare it with the one’s offered in drugstores. More often than not, you can find an affordable with the same features if you just look really good. 
  3. Read product reviews online. Not all drugstores offer testers that you can tinker upon to check a product. To make sure that you’re getting the right one without actually trying it, take your search online and find out what other users are saying about a particular brand or product. Keep in mind that there could be biased reviews online so having a good judgment is also a must.
Look for deals before settling to buy. The Christmas season is a great time to go shopping for anything – including cosmetic products. Brands are pretty generous this time of the year with price reductions and freebies. Take advantage of the numerous sale events that take place before and after Christmas to beef up your makeup kit in time for next year.

Make a “save and splurge” list for your makeup. This trick has really saved much of my makeup budget. My savings from doing this for about a year has allowed me to get a swanky pair of sneaker boots just last month so I’m really recommending this.

Creating a “save and splurge” list is rather simple. The first thing that you have to do is list down your makeup staples. Then beside the item you can write the words save or splurge depending on how you intend to buy the product. For example, I’d write save beside mascara. This means that I’m okay with purchasing mascara from drugstore brands. If you tag one item as splurge, it means that it’s one of your non-negotiable items and you’d rather purchase them from high-end brands for any reason you might have.


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