Saturday, October 13, 2012

Craving for Nicki Minaj

Who’d have thought that someone can actually over-throne Lady Gaga when it comes to the outrageous fashion department, right? Lady Gaga is the Queen of Weird. But Nicki Minaj is definitely something weird, maybe even more. While only few people would be as bold as she is to try different things, here’s for everyone inspired by Minaj’s boldness in fashion and jewelry.

Nicki Minaj

Have you ever wondered what Nicki Minaj would be without her songs and superstar status? Maybe a weirdo in high school? The coolest girl in town? Because this girl definitely has a lot of guts. To go out there and look like cotton candy is pretty embarrassing. But if you have the strength to actually do it and still look like the superstar that you are, then you’re definitely Nicki Minaj. In this outfit, she rocks pink “Simpsons-like” hair, pink blouse, colorful fashion jewelry and silver bling-bling attached to what looks like a cat. Hot mess? Definitely. She may not look elegant or sophisticated, but Nicki Minaj is one true superstar.

Nicki Minaj

At first look, you won’t even know what she’s dressed as. But does it really matter? In this outfit/costume, Nicki Minaj outshines everyone in a pink and yellow headgear or wig. Although we can’t technically describe her outfit, she accessorizes her costume with some colorful bracelets, necklaces and a mouth-piece. The costume wasn’t anywhere near sophisticated, but her abstract costume was kind of artsy and fun to look at. If only we can pretend that she wasn’t actually wearing the outfit to an MTV music awards event, maybe we can appreciate the costume more.

Pink Friday

There’s just something about colors, abstract designs and Nicki Minaj. When you put them together, they make one heck of a superstar. And an impression. In this wildly put together outfit that involves a pink and blue midriff top, a grey tutu, colorful leggings and some bright blue suspenders, Minaj is yet again, overly fashionable for the Prabal Gurung show during the Mercedes Benz fashion week. Accessorizing her outfit with a set of bright blue, red and pink bracelets on each wrist, a huge pink knotted necklace and a cute tote bag, Minaj was definitely the apple of fashion police’s eye that night. They may not approve of Nicki Minaj’s outfit, but we do have to say props for her cute knot necklace. From afar, it looks like some kind of meat. But up close, it looks pretty decent, if only worn with fewer colors, of course.

nicki minaj fashion

Is there anything more adorable than this outfit? We doubt it. While no, it doesn’t meet the standards of fashion gurus, it does resemble something really adorable. The outfit consisted of a bright yellow corset, paired with heart designed tutu-leggings (that looks as if it just came out of a cartoon series) and black and white gloves. Her hair was light pink with tiny curls and her accessories consisted of uber-cute, colorful gemstones in large, bright colors. Sometimes, her outfits are an eyesore. But this is actually pretty amusing.


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