Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rachel Schwartzmann: Keep it Simply Outstanding

Ankle boots are great for making statements. But what if you want to dress down just this one time? Rachel, a fashion blogger and true style star, teaches us how to rock the Fashion Week in an all white ensemble and still stand out.

ankle boots

To know a little more about her, Rachel Schwartzmann is a true California babe. Though she’s been based in the Big Apple for the past 9 years, she never fails to look back at the places that played important roles in her life like San Francisco and Texas.

Currently, Rachel majors in Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She juggles her responsibilities in school with being a Fashion Insider for the LookLab website.

Rachel Schwartzmann

Fashion writing is also one of her passions. Rachel contributes regularly to The Huffington Post and updates her blogs which are The Style Line and Le Style Child. With over 300 fans and 4000 plus karma in Lookbook.nu, Rachel is certainly enjoying her own way in fashion.

Here are a couple of tips to stand out in the busy streets of New York and crowded world of fashion:

1. Less is more: Do away with the clutter to stand-out.

In the last season, we’ve seen the rise of not only Lady Gaga but also everything that’s reminiscent of her in the fashion industry. Though all things big, chunky, flamboyant and Gaga are oh so exciting, it’s nice to go back to basics once in awhile to let your hair down.

What can say this more that going for an all white outfit like what Rachel wore to the first day of the NYFW. Her soft dress shirt from H&M looked pretty basic but dreamy mainly because of the light fabric used. Topping it off with a white lace coat from Zara continued to give off the relaxed and calm feel that her over all outfit is going for.

BONUS TIP: The best way to pull of pieces in the same color is to make sure that they’re made of different materials. In Rachel’s case, it’s lace and light cloth. Materials that complement or contrast one another will do just fine in making that bold statement.

2. Nothing to worry:

Wearing the right amount of accessories can pull you through. Rachel’s all white outfit could have turned drab easily if not for the pop of color from her accessories and bedazzled footwear. She was able to put in together a nice mix of cream, warm yellow, bright red and brown. All of these colors worked together and accentuated the dominant color in her outfit which is white.

3. Confidence is the key.

Making the cut above the rest is not for everyone. Only a few are able to break free from the scene and stand out – the chosen few who are able to carry themselves win in this battle. Donning on piles and piles of heavy cloth or make-up rarely does the trick. It is still the confidence that you exude from within that can make you look a million bucks even if you’re only wearing a jeans and shirt combo or even a plain white outfit like Rachel.

Don’t be afraid to let your hair down in a simple outfit. Flaunt your style with confidence and a little help from accessories and a bevy of textures. Fashion is not what you wear, but how you wear it.


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