Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Choose the Type of Jewelry Display for your Booth

Whenever I decide to sell at bazaars and set up my booth, I have to consider a lot of things. You see, when it comes to setting up booths at various sales and market displays, it’s not just the budget and the fancy market that I have to consider. Sometimes, during these events, it’s all about the type of jewelry and the attractive jewelry display that I have to consider.

Crystal Liu Yifei
When I set up a booth, I make sure that they don’t look the same – even if the booths are in two different events. I like having to consider other factors in order to choose the type of display my jewelry would most likely stand out in.

First of all, I think the season is an important factor to consider in designing my theme for my jewelry. If I set up a booth during the summer, it will definitely look much different than the one I set up during winter. The colors I choose for my booth are also different, especially because summer colors are usually trendy and chic during the summer days, but when it comes to winter, simple and elegant colors are more in tune. Sometimes, even the jewelry I sell differs, according to the season.

For example, if it’s summer, I only choose jewelry displays that will help my summer-y jewelry stand out among the rest.

Summer Jewelry Trends at ChrisAndDianeDoDinner
Second, sale fairs happen in various locations around town. Sometimes, I even cross county just to sell at another town. In this case, I always consider the weather and my booth’s location. It’s definitely a wrong choice to set up a summer theme if the weather in the booth’s location is kind of rainy. Not only will my booth’s display look out of place, it may just defeat my purpose of standing out. If the weather is rainy, I want to give my customers a reason to wear the jewelry despite the rain. Thus, in these cases, I need to find a theme that will look nice for the weather and the booth’s location.

Third, the latest trends also affect the type of display for my jewelry. For example, now that the Dark Knight has been released, I might set up my gothic booth to look like a set from Dark Knight. Not only will my booth look interesting with its jewelry, I might also be able to attract Dark Knight Fans.

What about you? How do you choose the type of jewelry display for your booths?


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