Monday, November 21, 2011

Tyra Banks Inspired Fashion Jewelry

Tyra Banks
In a fashion runway, fashion jewelry has been already part of accesorizing the runway models. And one of the most famous, most stylish, fashionable and classy women in the entire world is Tyra Banks.  She is one of the famous fashion icon who has take over the fashion realm as one of its most recognizable and successful citizen. Tyra Banks Show and America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) are some of her multiple shows and still a model despite being past her modeling prime.
Tyra Banks Inspired - Gold Plated
 Layered Square Cocktail Ring

Tyra Banks still manages to keep what is close to her heart and embrace the world of fashion who have helped her what she become right now. She can be seen wearing outfits made by new designers that are hoping to get a boost from having Tyra wear one of their pieces and it is also the same when she wear fashion jewelry. For example for fashion ringsTyra Banks Inspired – Gold Plated Layered Square Cocktail Ring which is seen from Tyra when whe attends The Metropolitan Opera Season opening night performance of “Anna Bolena” in New York City. The highly focused selection of fashion jewelry that she makes sure to wear on her TV shows and important occasions like red carpet affairs show how tune Tyra Banks is with the realm of high fashion jewelry.

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