Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer 2012 Trends-Beach, Party, Fashion

Summer 2012 Trends|Beach

It's summer, that warm breeze, the oceans water sparkling, showing the reflection of a bright and sunny sky. People are everywhere, you'll see kids making sand castles, different couples walking hand by hand on that white sand beaches, while some are trying to get a nice tan. Whew what a relaxing feeling.

Hmm, but i wonder if you are ready for the beach? Have you seen the latest fashion trends for a beach vacation? Well, fret not because I am here to give you a sneak peak of what Summer 2012 Trends are going to offer.

Well, let's start with your attire. Of course its a beach so you badly need a swim suit. You don't need to spend much with this as the Swimsuit Trends for 2012's Summer is going back the 80's, yep, frills, polka dots, retro styles and prints.

Swimsuit 2012 Trends|Printed Boy Leg Style

If you are going to stroll around, a nice printed bikini is a great option, or a boy leg style one, perhaps all you need is to have a wrap around summer dress, a sarong or better yet a nice fashion jewelry to accentuate your getup.

Swimwear 2012 Trends|High Waist

If you are not comfortable strongly around in your bikinis, a nice flowing sundress is a very very nice idea, I usually wear my swim wear underneath just in case I decided to take a dip.

Summer Trends 2012| Sundress

Another option is a short summer dress. Although if its a night out, i highly recommend using the longer type of summer dress or better yet, just bring a shawl, yes its summer but the breeze at night is still cold.

Summer Trends 2012| Mini Sundress

Hope you like it. A piece of advice, whatever you wear is not important, whats more important is how you can handle the clothes you are wearing, it doesn't necessarily mean that because there is a new trend you need to go buy when you can just add some spice to your old clothes or wear some pieces of your fashion jewelry, be confident because you are you.


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