Monday, November 14, 2011

Fashion Jewelry With religious Symbol

Wearing of fashion jewelry means a lot of things like more that a fashion statement, expression of a unique personality, individual style and preferences. Fashion jewelry can also be a way to express you mood, your advocacy and even your personal or religious belief. Fashion jewelry with religious symbol such as the Cross, Star of David or the Om symbol (Hindu Symbol of the absolute) are some of the most common that we see. Regardless of religious affiliation, fashionistas wear fashion jewelry necklases with a cross pendant and non-Buddhist fashion jewelry wearers sometimes wear Buddha-shaped pendants. There are also fashion rings with symbolic symbols that are popular to fashionistas.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Cross Pendant Necklace

There are some reasons why people choose to wear these fashion jewelry with religious symbol aside from being proud with their faith. One of the reasons why some people wear these fashion jewelry its because they believe that wearing a certain religious symbol will work as a talisman or as a protection against unsavory elements. This belief does not only hold true for religious symbols because some famous birthstones such as garnet, amethyst, peridot and aquamarine are also believed to possess protecting powers. Sentimentality is also another reason why some people wear fashion jewelry pieces with known religious symbols.  The receiver of a fashion jewelry would be more inclined to wear it regardless of what it represents if that particular fashion jewelry item comes from a special someone.

You should always remember that Religion is a sensitive issue and if you wear fashion jewelry with a known symbol, you should be aware of how people will react to it. Great way to do this is to wear it with respect. Do a little research about fashion jewelry if there are any restrictions from wearing that particular religious symbol. Remember that fashion jewelry is meant to make people feel good regardless of what symbol is on it.

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