Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 Simple Holiday Fashion Tips for the Busy and Hardworking Mom

When was the last time you wore high heels to a Christmas gathering? If you can’t remember, then you might have been on the mommy route for quite a while. Don’t get me wrong, being a mom is one of the most wonderful things in life. But the changes that it brings are a reality as well.

christmas fashion

For the upcoming holidays, I’m making it my personal mission to help as many moms bring to life the stunning look they so deserve even if they’re just planning to wear a pair of well-made Bamboo shoes. I personally like wearing Penny Loafers.

Below, I have 3 Christmas fashion tips for every hard working mom out there. These guidelines aim to help you get an awesome time just in time for those sweet little kisses from your kids under the mistletoe. Feel free to share these with your friends so that we can all have a fashionable Christmas this year.

Hot Mama Holiday Fashion Tip # 1 Fit is in. Whoever started the loose fitting clothes fad for moms must be hanged. Kidding aside, it has always been so weird for me to see my figure-flaunting friends choose sweatpants and over-sized shirts when they start having children. They say their new style is comfortable – I say it’s hideous.

When dressing for your updated figure, it really helps to go back to basics. Here are 3 simple guidelines that you should remember when updating your post-pregnancy style:
  1. Get familiar with your new figure. Going a couple of sizes up could be depressing but mopping around wouldn’t get your teenage body shape back. You have to proactively handle the situation by being rational. Ask yourself: How did my body change? From there, you get a better idea on which parts of your figure you should highlight and which ones should be brought away from the spotlight.
  2. Find appropriate clothing. Aside from getting the right fit, you should also make sure that your new clothes fit your new status as a mom. Showing off too much skin may not be the best idea. Always remember that you can always look sexy when you know how to hit the right buttons.
  3. Stock up on classic. If there’s one fashion rule that you should remember for the rest of your life that should be: you can never go wrong with the classic style. With that said, get a new LBD that flatters your new figure. Don’t forget about the dress pants and the white tops as well that you can easily dress up with accessories and a fashionable pair of shoes.
Having kids and starting a family is never a reason to let go of yourself. I know for a fact that it’ll be busy but you should still find time for yourself – and that includes spending quality time for shopping clothes and shoes that suit your new figure well.

Hot Mama Holiday Fashion Tip # 2 Hair, Makeup and nails count. Most mothers play the role of a superhero in the lives of their families and children. Many of them juggle their work life together with their family life just so they can give the best to their families. It’s amazing! And I salute all moms – especially my mother. So this holiday season, don’t forget to update your hairstyle and your makeup simply because you deserve it for all the hard work.

Looking good and feeling good is a holistic thing. You have to take care of yourself from head to toe to create that sassy aura.

Hot Mama Holiday Fashion Tip # 3 Choose comfort over anything else. Need I say more? With your new life role, being able to do things comfortable could change a lot of things. Keep in mind that a comfy outfit matched with an equally comfortable pair of shoes can boost your confidence really. Simply put, being comfortable in your clothes helps you be comfortable in your skin.

Always remember this tip especially during the busy Christmas season. I’m pretty sure that you’d be going to a number of family gatherings with your children where they would run and play endlessly. To be ready for any mommy-action, make sure that you’re wearing a more comfortable outfit that could keep you going and going like your energetic child.


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